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The Norwegian Association of Archives
The Norwegian association of archives (Arkivforbundet) is a nationwide Norwegian organization for institutions within the field of preserving and dissemination of archives according from private and public legal entities.

Arkivforbundet (before name: Landslaget for lokal og privatarkiv – LLP) was founded in September 1986, by 20 Norwegian archival institutions. The background was the need for a professional forum, to improve the work for private archives, and to organize professional work involving archives of institutions outside the National Archival Services.

Arkivforbundet organizes 130 organisations. The members of Arkivforbundet are municipal archives, intermunicipal archives, county archives, national institutions, museums, libraries, municipalities, businesses, and historical associations.

Arkivforbundet is the voice of the Norwegian archive institutions towards the national cultural authorities. One of the important goals is to work for a solid development of a national politics of archives. This politics must embrace private and public archives as integrated parts of the national memory and as extensive documentation of Norwegian society.

The national politics of archives must also involve a strong involvement of public funding for the sector as a whole and both as operational support as well as a significant support of professional projects. Operational support to archive institutions is required to lift the sector of arcives up to the level where it can fulfil its administrative and cultural responsibility. The economical support of private archives is essential to secure them more than the marginal resources for the work with arrangement and registration that help to prevent an uneven national memory.

Arkivforbundet is also working for raising the standard of the Norwegian work within the field of Norwegian archival work. It is of significant value to offer seminars to its members where political and professional questions can be discussed. Arkivforbundet also offers courses and education so that competence can be raised as well as creating professional communities and networks. An educational programme has also been developed for archivers that wish to extend their professional qualifications. In the context of the educational programme, Arkivforbundet aims to develop a national network of archival outreach.

Arkivforbundet professional pioneering. In cooperation with its member institutions, Arkivforbundet has initiated two projects concerning electronic archives. eArkivsamarbeidet (The cooperation of electronic archives) is a national project of cooperation between municipal archive institutions, Arkivforbundet, The National Archive, and The Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority. eArkivsamarbeidet has developed software to exchange professional and technical competence, and to facilitate and increase the efficiency of the work on preservation across the borders of municipalities and counties.

Støvete arkiv eller digitale og effektive data? event 01/04-2019
location_on Kulturhuset i Oslo, Youngs gate 6
message Velkommen til en dokumenterbar Agendakveld på Kulturhuset 1. april, kl. 1730 – 1845, i samarbeid med Fagforbundet, Arkivforbundet og Arkivverket.
Det 8. norske arkivmøte event 08/04-2019 - 09/04-2019
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message Det 8. norske arkivmøte - et samarbeid mellom Arkivforbundet, Norsk Arkivråd og Arkivverket
Landsmøte event 08/04-2019
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message Arkivforbundet arrangerer landsmøte klokken 17.00. den 8. april